• 25GB storage capacity, 1080p resolution
  • Available up to 12x write speed
  • Create custom, high-quality, edge-to-edge labels using your inkjet disc printer
  • Treated with Hard Coat to prevent scratches and prolong disc life
  • High-Definition: Blu-ray discs are designed especially to store large HD video and audio files.
  • Recordable: This single-layer Blu-ray disc is designed for one-time recording and should be used with BD-R hardware
  • Laser Technology: Verbatim Blu-ray discs use blue-violet laser technology to read and write data. That means, superb resolution,excellent contrast, vivid colors and amazing sound.
  • Capacity: The Verbatim single-layer printable Blu-ray disc offers up to 25 GB of storage space to back-up your video, music, photos and more
  • Printable: The Verbatim printable Blu-ray disc has a super white printable surface that offers full-surface edge-to-edge printing


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