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BDXL support

BDXL support offers high capacity Blu-ray disc writing.

What is BDXL? It is the latest format from the Blu-ray Disc Association , meaning, Blu-ray disc, XL, or extra large. BDXL discs are primarily for commercial applications, although many devices are entering the domestic computer marketplace. There are 2 disc sizes of BDXL disc, 100GB, for re-writable discs, and 128GB for write once media, and, like normal Blu-ray, the file system is UDF (Universal Disc Format) 2.5/2.6, but a normal Blu-ray disc (BD) device will not read a BDXL disc. Using the shorter wavelength 405nm blue laser, like all Blu-ray discs, this media holds 5 times more, on average than conventional DVD’s. Although, not compulsory, all BDXL devices are fully backwards compatible, right down to CD playback, only a BDXL machine can use BDXL discs.

BDXL discs will more than double the existing 50GB capacity of Blu-ray discs. Write-once BDXL discs will allow up to 128GB of data to be stored, while rewriteable BDXL discs will be able to store up to 100GB. The increased capacity is likely to be essential for storing movies with a 4,096×2,304-pixel resolution, and it may possibly prove useful for packing 3D movies in as well. The IH-BD (Intra-Hybrid Blu-ray Disc) specification, allows for one writeable layer of 25GB and one fixed layer of 25GB.