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  • Verbatim M-Disc 50GB 6x Speed Dual Layer
  • Each disc in jewel case x 5 pcs.
  • M-Disc BD-R can be written to and read by all current Bluray drives, offering excellent compatibility.
  • Inkjet printable surface
  • 1000 years archival life

Verbatim M Disc BDXL 100 GB 4X 5 Pack Jewel Case 98913


  • Projected lifetime of several hundred years (based on ISO/IEC 16963 testing)
  • Stored data is engraved – ultimate archival solution
  • Impervious to environmental exposure, including light, temperature and humidity
  • Withstood rigorous testing for durability by US Department of Defense
  • 100GB storage capacity. Compatible with BDXL optical drives. 10-Year Limited Warranty



Burn Vs Etch

Nothing Else is Permanent

Millenniata 4.7GB M-Disc Write Once and Read Forever, Read 16x/Write 4x Speed, 10 Pack

M-DISC 25GB Blu-ray Permanent Data Archival / Backup Blank Disc Media – 15 Pack Cake Box